Our school age program is geared for children aged 6-12 years to provide both before and after school care, as well as providing fun and exciting full day programming for PA days, summer camp, and both spring and winter breaks.  

The before and after school program offers children the opportunity to engage in creative activities after a full day at school. The Registered Early Childhood Educators work diligently to create age appropriate activities and projects geared to the specific interests of each child in the program! The after school program consists of unique learning opportunities such as, creative art activities, cooperative group games, science experiments, outdoor games, hands on learning (ie. baking, large craft projects, building, computer play, etc...) and much more! 

The programs that we offer during school breaks and PA days are the days that all the children look forward to the most. We have lots of exciting things going on each day and make a point of bringing in special guests or doing local field trips to keep the children interested and wanting to go to daycare each day. In the past our calendars and programs for these weeks have incorporated special days, events and visitors that include things like:

Theme Days

Pajama day, Wacky Hair Day, Ice Cream Sundae Day, Costume Days, etc..

Events & Trips

Family BBQs, Talent Shows, Summer Carnival, Movie Theatre Trip, Bowling Trip, Library Trip, Zoo Trips, etc... 
(Keeping in mind availability of trips is dependent on the location of the centre)

Special Visitors

Animal Shows, Zumba Instructors, Musical Performers, Emergency Service Visitors, Magicians, Dance Instructors, etc...

The main objective of our school age program is to give parents a safe place for their children to be in between the end of the school day and the end of their work day where the children can have fun, be who they are, and not think that they are being 'babysat'. 

Most of our centres offer transportation (either walk or bus) to and from the local schools neighbouring the child care centre. Please call the centre directly to see if we can provide this service for your family.