Infant Program

Our Infant program is specific for children aged 0-18months. We focus on the child as an individual and work specifically with each child to enhance their development. We offer a scheduled day based a routine that best supports both the parents and infant to meets all of their needs. We offer a specific infant snack and lunch menu that is both nutritious and age appropriate. The staff take great pride in the daycare’s youngest members and enjoy supporting each of the many milestones they will accomplish at this developmental age. Individual program plans are created for each child to help create goals and challenge their skill building. The registered early childhood educators do their best to create exciting and fun theme based programming including activities such as art and crafts, outdoor play, walks in the community with our large stroller sets, and lots and lots of sensory play! The rooms are bright, open and colourful, full of songs, stories and lots of laughs. Daily reports home to the parents give insight to the exciting day the child has had and highlights individual achievements! 


Toddler Program

Our most curious bunch is this group of children aged 18months – 2.5years. This developmental age is full of questions and understanding the world around them! The classroom programming is developed in a way that encourages children to learn through play, while the teachers find exciting themes that engage children in the learning process! Our structured program follows a daily schedule including learning centres such as dramatic play, art and crafts, books and music, building and puzzles, sensory and the ever popular circle time filled with stories, songs, and games that the children thoroughly enjoy being a part of. The programming is completely age appropriate and we work closely with individual children to help them reach milestones in their development and to help build confidence in their abilities to develop self help skills. The toddler program is a busy one, creating a  classroom environment full of life and energy!